What the hell is that Vsync and how the heck is it connected with Elma???

WARNING: that hell i`am talking about is not cheating or smth. at all (right Abula?) and it will not ruin elma gameplay cuz it`s only a tiny help for you to do some tricks on some levels, and don`t take it too seriosly after all, just have fun :)

Well, the answer on that question is not so simple, i`ll begin from the beginning... :)

First time i heard about that stuff from my friend - as - his total sux a bit (47 or smth) but he always invents new styles, etc. He came to my house once and said that he know how to shoot better (at that time i was sucking much time at tryings to bounce at LabPro). So i was very interested, then he did some stuff with video card settings and i did the trick after all. Differnet settings make your bike to bounce at different ways (ofcourse it`s not possible to do such settings that will make the bike to do only insane jumps, but who knows after all :) So from that moment i began to experiment with that stuff and got some results (did some rtp files (where video card settings are) for different levs... So after all here is quick reference how to do the stuff:

You need several things to do that trick with your video card tuning.
1. Nvidia based video card - i tested that stuff only on these cards, but maybe it`ll work on others too if u have the proper prog for your video card. If u have some other video card u can use PowerStrip tool (look for it here).
2. RivaTuner - that`s a very cool prog to tune you Nvidia based card. You can download it from here.
3. You need a lot of time and not too lame hands and brains :)

So at first install rivatuner and launch it.
Then go to direct3d options there (two small arrows in main menu, ty to press the lower one and u`ll see a menu). Try to disable Vsync and play elma. I`am sure u`ll see the difference (for ex. at 45-Sink the wheel will not rotate while getting 1st apple, or at 27 - Shelf Life it begins to be hard to do the main level trick.) OpenGl functions also affect elma. After all go to Power user section - there are about don`t-know-how-much-but-many options u can tune. Some combinations are very very useful for playing some levs and doing some tricks - for ex. here lies rtp file which is only for 30.30 version of detonator (cuz i use it) to do some shooting at 07, and here for Freefall (cuz smtimes u die when the head is not even too close to the ground, but with these setting all become cool (so u dz will do the trick after all i hope :) To merge an rtp just launch it or if it doesn`t work then go to power user section, then press "open Matched detonator database" and "merge preset" buttons in the bottom left.
Some words about XP should be told i think: well, at first elma is glitching like hell, maybe only at my comp? For ex. u can`t frive normally at the left of 52 or u can do more insane shoots or the wheel goes to ground at 51 (see my fun recs). But smt. glitching helps i think so it`s cool that we have possibilities to tune our motorbikes now :) (C) smb from #across.
So, u see it`s very hard to say what settings to set after all, they are specific for differents comps, Windowses etc.
Just try and i hope u`ll get smth useful from the shit i wrote before. Have fun :)
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